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Precast Concrete Buildings /Beautiful Precast Concrete Buildings

- Aug 28, 2018 -

A building owns a style, choosing a suitable suit for the building can endow it with vigorous vitality, and different personality.

Montessori Elementary School in London.jpg

Montessori Elementary School in London - Former Welbeck Street Parking Lot Building 

Welbeck Street Parking Lot is unique,  it transformed from the parking lot to the school, and even full of controversy. To some extent, this tansformation is in response to the call of the London Municipal Government for environmental protection. By cutting, repairing, weighing the inner and outer walls of the original structure in a neutral way without changing the original design, the architect has achieved an ambitious transformatio and upgraded the overall space grade. The beautiful exterior wall of the building is like a big woven flower basket .  Geometric linear grid wall cast by precast concrete  is strong, the outer layer covered with translucent barrier to make linear structure become soft. It is this layer of translucent barrier that makes the rigid straight line loom, just the right transfer  people's visual attention. It skillfully balances the duality of stubborn steel and fragile children in the same space.

Sports Stadiem in Perth.jpg

Sports Stadiem in Perth, Australia

The 15,000-seat Perth Stadium in Australia which is completed by ARM Architecture Design, was inspired by "eternity." With its bright blue and white exterior look, and its checkerboard-shaped triangle, the stadium is endowed with a free-flowing atmosphere. The stadium consists of two huge trusses, each weighing 400 tons, 10 meters high and 130 meters long, which are used to support the retractable roof of the stadium. These giant trusses took nine months to complete, and then surrounded by specialized precast slabs. People who look at the building from different angles  would have  different feelings. It breaks the people's stereotype against the traditional symmetrical sports venues. Polygonal design style also spread to the interior, it can be seen from the interior wall material and structural elements. Qarm tone board  further play a balancing role.

Broad Art Museum.jpg

Broad Art Museum, USA

This contemporary art museum which is located in in Los Angeles, is the privately owned by Eli Broad, a billionaire and collector. He and his wife have spent $140 million on this project. The museum, which covers an area of 11,000 square meters, will serve as the headquarters of the Broad Arts Foundation in addition to exhibiting private collections. Its external wall consists of 2500 glass fiber reinforced concrete unit panels and is supported by 650 tons of steel . The porous design of the honeycomb surface brings natural light into the stadium, and the eye-catching design will undoubtedly become the visual center of the area.

Paris Biodiversity Primary School.pngParis Biodiversity Primary School.png

Paris Biodiversity Primary School, France

The project consists of two structures, one is a teaching building with eighteen classrooms and the other is sports spots open to local residents. The public gymnasium is 12 meters high. The teaching space is mainly set on the first floor and the second floor, and gradually transits to the third floor. A mineral wall connects these two structures and forms the boundary of the site. This "Wall of Life" is built of precast concrete bricks with indentations that provide a new environment for plants and wildlife. These large brick and staggered brickwork are also expected to bring different potential habitats to the site.