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Button Magnet Of GME

- Nov 26, 2018 -

The Button Magnet is directly exposed to the outside. Because of long-term contact with concrete, the magnet is easy to break and fall off from the Button Magnet, which affects the Button magnet's adsorptive force. This is also why the Button magnet will displace on the vibration platform after a period of use.

Later, epoxy resin sealed Button magnet appeared in the market. In theory, this kind of magnetic protection method can effectively prolong the service life of Button magnet compared with the traditional unprotected Button Magnet.

However, after many customers'feedback, epoxy resin is easy to fall off in the process of use. In the long run, this is not the most effective production process for protecting magnetic cartridges.

GME Button Magnet is continuously improved in customer feedback. On the basis of traditional epoxy resin seal and magnet protection with fixed magnetic seat, a metal protective layer is coated on the surface of the magnet, which can effectively isolate the wear of concrete on the magnet and make the protective layer permanent. Falling off greatly improves the service life of the Button Magnet.