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Application Of Magnets

- Apr 02, 2018 -

Application in traditional industries

When we talk about the magnetic source, electromagnetic induction, and magnetic devices of magnetic materials, we already mentioned some magnetic materials.

The actual application. In fact, magnetic materials have been widely used in various aspects of traditional industries.

For example, if there is no magnetic material, electrification becomes impossible because generators are used to generate electricity, transformers are used to transmit electricity, and speakers are used in electric motors, telephones, radios, and televisions. Many instruments and meters have to use magnetic coil structure. These have already been said when talking about other content.

Application of magnets in medicine

Pigeon enthusiasts know that if they fly hundreds of kilometers away, they will automatically return home. Why do pigeons have such a good ability to identify themselves? It turned out that pigeons are very sensitive to the Earth's magnetic field, they can use the change of the Earth's magnetic field to find their home. If a magnet is tied to the head of the pigeon, the pigeon will be lost. If pigeons fly over radio towers, powerful electromagnetic interference can also disorient them.

In medicine, nuclear magnetic resonance can be used to diagnose abnormal tissues and determine diseases. This is the more familiar MRI technique. The basic principles are as follows: The nucleus is positively charged and spins. Normally, the arrangement of the spin axes of the atomic nuclei is irregular, but when they are placed in an applied magnetic field, the nuclear spin spatial orientation transitions from disorder to order.