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Rubber Plastic Recess Former And Fitting

Magnetic Rubber Recess Former – Supplied as standard from stock as a polyurethane magnetic former they need to be used in conjunction with rubber grommets to hold the anchors in place.

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This product is to co-use with anchors. We have D60mm(50KG) for 1.3t anchor,D74mm(100KG) for 2.5t,D94mm(120KG) for 5.0t, D118mm(190KG) for 10.0t

Magnetic recess former is a good and fastest way to fix and position lifting pin anchor and build recess on the steel formwork. The magnetic recess former can help lifting pin anchor to change the position quickly and precisely. The magnetic recess former did not need mold hole to arrange former stud like rubber recess former. It can extend steel formwork life and non-damage. Also the magnetic recess former need rubber seal to prevent concrete into recess. The lifting pin anchor with double head did not need the rubber seal.

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Rubber Plastic Recess Former And Fitting (3)Rubber Plastic Recess Former And Fitting

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