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Yangshan Port: Traceability is required for each preacast concret component

- Jun 02, 2018 -

Expand the picture of the construction of the Yangshan Deepwater Port area. You will see sporadic “green” splinters in the port area where reinforced concrete is poured. The only "green" is the appearance of Xiaoyangshan, a small fishing village in the East China Sea 15 years ago. At the end of this year, the fourth-phase project of the Yangshan Deep-water Port, which is the largest in scale and the longest construction period in the history of China’s port construction, is expected to be delivered and fully opened.

The fourth phase of the Yangshan Deep-water Port is another masterpiece of the construction of the Yangshan Deep-water Port Area. After the terminal is completed, it will become the largest fully automated container terminal in China. Container vehicle entry/exit gates, stacking and stacking yards, and bridge crane loading and unloading operations will be completed. Will be done without human operation.

Yangshan Youth Commando team photo. Data map

Build a port with technical content?

Hu Ling, the chief of the water project of the Yangshan project headquarters, is currently working with the young employees of the project department to carry out research on the topic of “informatization construction of offshore terminals”. Many people will ask, if you build a port terminal, there are good research topics. The reference to "informatization construction" is even more confusing, creating a dock, and can be linked to "informatization."

In fact, Yangshan’s construction goals are much bigger than most people expect. For example, every prefabricated component and every pipe in the port requires “traceability”. "In the future, which pipeline is broken, and which one is broken, you can use the building information management platform to find out." Cheng Jun, executive deputy general manager of the Yangshan project headquarters, said that the manufacturer, production date, product model, etc., can be in the computer system. At a glance.

The research topics of the construction of the Yangshan Port in Yangzhong Port can solve the “one-step” problem of the prefabricated construction of the prefabricated components in the Yangshan Deep-water Port Area from the manufacturer to the terminal. Due to the special structure of the port engineering, special parts will have different degrees of displacement, and there are thousands of prefabricated components with connection functions on the quay. All of these components are pre-made by inland manufacturers and sent to the terminal for installation. With so many displacement deviations, the size of each piece of prefabricated structure, and where it is placed, nobody can tell. Using information technology, China Construction Port Management can share the size of each connection point in real time with the rear manufacturers. Manufacturers use this technology to customize each piece of components, and mark the parts with an exclusive QR code. After the components are delivered to the construction site, the construction staff only needs to “sweep” with the mobile phone to know the corresponding installation points of each prefabricated component. This method greatly improves construction efficiency and accuracy.

"Yangshan Night Club"

As the only container terminal built on the islands in the open sea, there is a series of “first” construction of the Yangshan Deepwater Port Area. For example, for the first time, large-diameter, dense-row steel pipe piles were placed in contact with large-capacity high-performance concrete at sea for the first time... This poses an unprecedented challenge to young employees.

Among the employees involved in the construction of Yangshan, young people under 35 accounted for 70%. According to incomplete statistics, China Construction Port Construction Co., Ltd. is currently the middle-level leader and business backbone, and 60% of them have participated in the Yangshan Port project. In the fourth phase of the construction of the Yangshan Deepwater Port, China Construction Port has undertaken 75% of the civil engineering works at Yangshan Port.

More than 10 years ago, the young employees of China Port Construction found a good way of killing time - "Yanshan Night Club", which means "always meet at night". At night, the emergency lights were hung up. Young people like to gather together to study drawings, research techniques, and explore construction techniques. At the same time as collective learning, workers can also get a “standard” overnight work--one pack of instant noodles and two sausages. Gradually, the “nightclubs” run by young people became famous. They also gave the “clubs” a more formal name, “Yangshan Institute”.

In order to expedite the development of technology, efficiency, and talents as soon as possible, the “Yangshan Academy” undertakes the important task of boosting the construction of major key projects. On this platform, young employees researched and obtained 4 invention patents and 9 utility model patents, 6 provincial and ministerial engineering methods, and 3 national engineering methods.

Living in Yangshan

Yangshan is 90 kilometers away from Beilun Port of Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, 72 kilometers away from the mouth of the Yangtze River and 30 kilometers away from Shanghai Luchao Port.

Cheng Jun, executive deputy general manager of the Yangshan project headquarters, went to Yangshan for the first time in 2004. At that time, Yangshan had been building for more than two years, but still no access to highways. Set foot on this land, Cheng Jun needs to drive eighty-nine kilometers from the center of Shanghai, and then change the ferry. In case of stormy weather, he will have to stay near the ferry for one night.

In the case where the Donghai Bridge can reach Yangshan directly today, most of the express delivery will still not be delivered. The most common pick-ups, for young people in the Yangshan Project Department, mean that it takes half a day – they have to drive tens of kilometers and arrive at the same “far-off” in the hearts of the people of Shanghai. Hong Kong area.

The unique geographical environment gave the young people in the Yangshan deep-water port area an unusual life and work experience.

Taking the young surveyors as an example, their job is to accurately measure the depth of pile sinking and the pile-sinking position before the pile is actually piled on the ground. However, one of the best measurement points is just beside a scurry pile. Before arriving there, surveyors must go through a dark, deep cave. Every day, they rushed out of the door with their instruments "chasing" the stars at four or five in the morning. From the resident to the measuring point, there is nearly one hour's journey, and at night the stars are returning home.

Wu Lanyi, chief engineer of the land project of the Yangshan Project Department, said that because returning to Shanghai is too much trouble, many young people live in the project site for one month. The man in the Yangshan deep-water port area worked on the construction site during the day and took part in activities at the “Yangshan nightclub” at night. He had a relatively generous salary than the urban construction site, but he couldn’t spend a penny.

Working hard, young people on the construction site will walk to Yangshan “Nanjing Road” after dinner. Compared to the muddy construction site, this is a beautiful temporary road, but also can blow the sea breeze, hence the name "Nanjing Road".

It is the contributions of these young builders that Yangshan Port has become an important force in advancing the construction of Shanghai's international shipping center.